The Club Sandwich Tour- Off to the Jigger Inn

Steph Coulter ventures to the Jigger Inn for the continuation of the Club Sandwich Tour.

The Jigger Inn

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Price: £10.50

Club Companion: Lee Coulter

Date: Monday 6th May 2019

The gods have answered. It’s the day after May Ball and you best believe I’m hanging and in need of some good club. My brother still owes me a birthday meal and (as I’ve clocked the high price) the Jigger Inn seems like the perfect stop, much to his chagrin. Neither of us leave disappointed. Upon arrival, I realise I am looking at art; it holds itself together so well in a way I could only wish to emulate in my own life. Not one bit fell from it as I consumed-biblical stuff. The flatbread goes against my traditionalist inclinations massively, but the risk has paid off. This sandwich is a victorious contemporary twist on a classic. I loved the presentation but did feel the need for more chips. However, the sandwich was the main event here and I was extremely full afterwards. Big up to the chef for putting just the right amount of mayo on as well. Mayo-conservatism is a real problem in modern-day club sandwichry but, this guy has bucked the trend and produced something of perfection. Washed down with a cool pint of Peroni, this ranks amongst the best clubs I’ve had. It’s a shame it came at such an unaffordable price. Sometimes in life however, you truly get what you pay for. Amen.


Would like to apologise for my brother’s choice of steak sandwich, visible in the accompanying picture. Are we even related?

Source: Steph Coulter



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