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The Club Sandwich Tour- The Vic for a Club, not clubbing

Steph Coulter continues his epic club sandwich quest to a place we are all too familiar with- The Vic.

The Vic

Overall Rating: 6/10

Price: £6.50, with a £3 side of chips

Club Companions: Matty Clements and Joseph Hutchison

Date: 18th May 2019


Joseph Hutchison, my original companion in my love of club sandwiches, has found himself in Sin City and is desperate to play a part in my tour. The previous night was as ropey as it gets. We decide to sample the best St Andrews has to offer in terms of our favourite drink, Tennents Lager. A nine-stop pub crawl has two results. Firstly, we conclude that the Keys provides the best pint in town. Secondly, we are both rendered almost immobile the following day. The Vic is the chosen location and we saunter down. I will confess that much of this club sandwich went over me, especially as I had to pop to the loos to chun. However, it was convenient that I had a professional club sandwich reviewer with me who could help in my time of need. We conclude that this is as ‘middle-of-the-road’ as it gets for a club. Bread is slightly overdone and there’s not enough mayo (yawn) but the chicken is tasty and bacon crispy. Furthermore, the chips are great and there is some coleslaw. Hurrah! To my shame, this is one of the few club sandwiches I’ve never finished- this is not an indictment of its flavour, it was a combination of the size and my weak state. In contrast to my boy Flo Rida, this club can handle me, I just can’t handle it. It was neither good nor bad, just an inoffensive addition to my tour.

Source: Steph Coulter



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