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Changing the way we shop online

Alissa shares how Dongdaemun’s Fashion Fair is changing the way we shop online and has made it easier than ever

The pandemic has disrupted our normal way of living forcing us to accommodate our usual activities with online forms. Changes to activities like fresher’s week, teaching, and even shopping have disrupted our daily lives. However, these changes are not considered the best or even ‘perfect’ replacements of said norms. With that in mind, many have tried to update these troublesome online norms through consistent feedback systems as well as create necessary improvements with the help of technological advancements. As a collective whole, during these unfortunate times, we have made great strides in medicine, technology, and even in improvements to our normal online way of life. For instance, if we consider online shopping there are many visible downsides, which can range from sizing issues, color differences between the screen and in person, as well as complications with quality.

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Dongdaemun’s Fashion Fair’s motto of ‘SEE NOW FEEL NOW; BUY NOW WEAR NOW’ has reimagined the way of online shopping during the pandemic. Home shopping through various television channels has been a popular method in Korea for housewives to purchase things from grocery goods to fitness appliances and many more. Dongdaemun On-Time Fashion Festival (DOTFF) has differentiated themselves from the norm by opening their broadcast on YouTube as well as Naver TV. The opening ceremony had professors and business owners in attendance. All discussing topics, which ranged from methodologies in branding, business transformation, a reflection on online shopping and lastly defining what K-fashion is. On their various social media platforms, we see DOTFF doing a great job promoting and organizing each brand into their respective time slots allowing the viewers to easily gain interest. After a thorough ‘window scan’ of each brand’s looks and videography, I was able to get a firm grasp on my interests and of which products are worth purchasing.

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The live streams were hosted on NAVER’s shopping live website on the fashion fair’s account. Their format was more fit for those who were watching on their phones, rather than a TV or computer, which created a firm demographic of younger viewers. During their live stream, they had many sales and were only available during the time frame of the DOTFF’s event, which brought urgency to the viewers skyrocketing their sales. Their live stream primarily focused on explaining the feel of the fabric, describing the looks, and provided clear examples of possible ways viewers can style the products. As they were explaining many different products, there were constant changes, which allowed the viewers to sense the many possibilities regarding styling. Lastly, their lives consisted of high engagement through comment participation from viewers, enjoyable hosts, and various discounts offered. Dongdaemun Fashion Fair is an event I would suggest to all, even without the ongoing pandemic. It shows how shopping, a normally highly active activity can turn into something that can be down in the comfort of your home.



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