A Bridgerton Style Guide

Emily helps us take fashion inspiration from Bridgerton and incorporate it into our current wardrobe.

I don’t know about you, but I, among so many others, am obsessed with Bridgerton. It is a historical piece like no one has seen before. The Shondaland media period drama released on Netflix captured the eyes, hearts, and ears of so many. After about a month since its release, Bridgerton became one of Netflix’s biggest original series launches with nearly 63 million viewers – the world is in love with this Regency era love story (and we’re lucky enough to get a second season)! Everything from the storyline, to the character development, the score, the costumes, and more stunned viewers. While I am going to be focusing on the fashion and costuming of Bridgerton, I would like to give an honourable mention to the incredible score that accompanies the tv show. Sometimes they are playing Beethoven or Mozart in the background of a scene, other times there are classical covers of modern hits like “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande, “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes, “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5, and “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish. The decision to drop contemporary music into the non-contemporary setting reflects the fresh take that Bridgerton takes on the Regency Era. This fresh take and a new perspective are also deeply reflected in the costuming.

Source: Buzzfeed

Creator and Showrunner, Chris Van Dusen, said that since they “knew how important the wardrobe was going to be, [they] went to the very best.” Ellen Mirojnick, the critically-acclaimed American costume designer, was up for the challenge and focused on how she could add modern elements to her overall interpretation of 1813. She introduced a modern colour palette and made the wardrobe more luxurious and sumptuous, while also staying true to the basic foundation of the 1813 silhouette. The attention to detail in each look is extraordinary especially considering that Daphne Bridgerton herself wears 104 dresses in the first season of the series.

Source: British Fashion Council

Whether you like the icy pastels of the Bridgerton family or the bright colours of the Featheringtons, there are so many beautiful looks that you can play upon in your own wardrobe. This show has undoubtedly gotten people thinking about their own wardrobe and I am going to help you take this inspiration and apply it to your everyday looks. This Free People dress incorporates so many of the different Regency elements in a modern-day approach. I can’t wait to revamp my wardrobe to include this inspo & hope you enjoy!


Corsets are making a comeback, and Bridgerton is leading their sales to spike even more. Corsets can be bought at most places you buy lingerie, but with their recent popularity, mainstream stores are creating their own designs that you can wear on a daily basis. These pictures are of 18th Century style corsets sold on Etsy but there are so many different types of corset tops now. A trendy look is wearing a button-down shirt with a corset on top such as this one from Zara.

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy


Lace is arguably the most romantic material. It is so delicate and intricate and can truly elevate an outfit. To modernise the use of lace, instead of creating a head-to-toe lace look, use it as an accent in your outfit such as lace gloves or tights, a lace dress paired with a structured blazer or a dainty lace top with trousers.

Source: Free People

Source: Free People


This one speaks for itself… Pastels are so in and I highly recommend adding them into your wardrobe. Whether you prefer pinks, blues, greens, or yellows, there is a pastel for everyone. You could either wear a pastel bag like this one from JW PEI, or let it takeover your entire lockdown look with a sweatsuit like this one from Reformation.

Source: ZARA


The empire silhouette is a style in clothing when the dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust which gives a high-waisted appearance along with a gathered skirt which is long and loose-fitting but skims the body and isn’t supported by numerous petticoats. This style is characteristic of the 1800s but is still common today and a beautiful, simple style to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Source: Love Shack Fancy


Sleeves are special. They can completely turn around an outfit or an article of clothing. Having a cap sleeve is very elegant and Daphne Bridgerton-esque while the puff sleeves are a fun statement worn by the Bridgertons and Featheringtons alike.

Source: Reformation

Source: Love Shack Fancy


Take note from the Featheringtons and don’t be afraid to add bright, detailed floral prints to your wardrobe because they are so worth it. You’ll be feeling fresh and fun in your beautiful flowers! You can also choose to wear darker florals like this FP dress paired with a leather jacket that’ll create a flirty juxtaposition with your edgy look.

Source: Free People

Source: Free People

Along with all of this inspiration, don’t forget your statement jewellery! Think pearls, stones, and big jewels! Whether you take all of this as inspiration or none of it at all, have fun experimenting with your wardrobe to revamp your style!



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