Valentine’s Day Lookbook 2021

Emily takes us through a few different looks for Valentine’s Day in varying phases of lockdown.

Okay so I know many people are still in some sort of lockdown or have restrictions on their plans due to coronavirus, however, Valentine’s Day is still happening. It is my favourite holiday and has been for years, so I couldn’t let the holiday pass by without some sort of celebration. In a normal year everyone’s Valentine’s Day looks different, this year they’re all going to be a bit more relaxed but depending on where in the world you are, you can celebrate to different levels. Today I’m going to take you through a few different looks for different Valentine’s Day activities. Whether you plan to celebrate with your special someone, your friends, your family, or yourself, there is a lovely look for everyone!


Now, this look is killer. You can wear it dressed up, dressed down, out on the town, or hanging around! A silky & faux-feathered pyjama set is the ultimate move for Valentine’s Day in my opinion. I really want to get my hands on one of these! Add heels to make a chic & effortless look or add some slippers and a tank to dress it down and chill. Such a versatile, yet fashionable, pyjama look.


Obviously, this isn’t going to be a year for lots of date nights out. But if you do have the ability to go out – take advantage!! Or, if you’re somewhere that’s still in lockdown, then dress up for your significant other or for your friends and do a date night at home! I promise it’ll be worth it to dress up a bit and celebrate! Whether you choose a flirty blouse and mom jeans, a puff sleeve ruffle dress, or chinos and a smart shirt, it’s always fun to dress up and have fun, especially since we don’t do it often anymore.


Okay, so loungewear and athleisure has been the hit of the past year or so. So why not expand your growing collection and add some Valentine’s Day tones or treat yourself to a special little set for the holiday. Try out a matching pink sweatsuit or some faded red joggers and you will be giving us some pandemic style to lounge around this Valentine’s Day.


I highly recommend getting yourself a fun little bra and panty set. With the right fit, cut, and colour, you will feel so good! I recently purchased the Calvin Klein Flocked Hearts set and could not speak more highly. Whether you have someone that you want to share the lingerie with or not, I would definitely suggest getting some for yourself because you will feel so good knowing that you’re looking cute under your clothes!


Because it’s February and it’s cold (in these parts of the world, at least)! Statement sweaters are perfect for Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re going about your day like any other but want a little bit of extra, festive pizzaz! Wearing red hearts may be a bit cliché on Valentine’s day but there are so many ways to do it well! Wear a chunky red sweater with heart buttons or a frilly pink cardigan, or maybe even a sweater vest to be trendy!

I wish you all a fabulous, flirty, and fun Valentine’s Day. No matter how you’re celebrating I hope you feel the love and spread the love! It wouldn’t hurt to look good while doing it, too.



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