An Homage to the Queen of Street Style

Grayce takes us through her attribution to Princess Diana as the Queen of Street Style which is ever so popular today.

In the ’90s, every long-held concept of beauty and style, and the manner in which these items were produced and consumed, began to shift. It was the era when Kate Moss’ unidentified name was signed as the face of Calvin Klein. Not to mention the decade the emerging young designer, Marc Jacobs, left his first footprint in the fashion world. Juxtaposed to the ‘80s, an alternative fashion culture was simmering in the early ’90s. The Amazonian image of perfect supermodels such as Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell were slowly exiting fashion culture alongside everything mainstream.

One of the British Royalty’s most prominent figures was undoubtedly Princess Diana, whose style still dominates the fashion world of today. Diana, Princess of Wales, rose to the realm of the best-dressed figures in history in the twenty years since her passing. Much of the world can associate Princess Diana as a humanitarian, radiant in a tiara. However, if you scope out her relaxed style moments between training workouts and black-tie soirees, she was a pioneer of the fashion world. In the Princesse’s wardrobe, all those informal basics are tailored for comfort, yet Diana assembled them with akin intent that she brought to a designer gown. The manner she saw beauty can be observed in every garment: A hoodie can be as fascinating as cherished cardigans. She proved that everything can be tuxedo-level debonair.

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Eleri Lynn, curator of “Diana: Her Fashion Story,” quotes, “She is stepping into that same sort of space as an Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy,” claims Lynn, “a fashion icon whose style is so emulated and so loved, really. ”I have found myself channeling the most popular athleisure look of Diana throughout quarantine; an oversized retro sweatshirt, biker shorts, rectangle sunglasses, paired with tube socks, and chunky sneakers. This ensemble has been described by other icons, such as Kendall Jenner, Emily Rajatowksi, and most notably, Hailey Bieber, as a chic “model off duty” look. While this particular look is undoubtedly the trendiest, Diana’s regal, the glamorous style still holds influence in many other ways.

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Furthermore, she used floral patterns, large blazers, and puffy statement sleeves, all of which excited me. In conjunction, her photos in dramatic gowns and a massive silver tiara indicate just how much elegance the late Princess of Wales had. The gown she wore to a celebration in Canada in the ’90s was an exceptionally stunning look. In a pastel yellow silk gown with puffy sleeves matched with a Cambridge Tiara coated in pearls and diamonds, Diana stunned.

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