Fall in love with the Hummingbirds at Fringe 2016

St Andrews’ all-female a cappella group will perform at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Six years before Pitch Perfect took a cappella mainstream, the Hummingbirds graced the St Andrean stage for the first time. A full decade later, they will be taking their talents to Edinburgh for their debut Fringe performance, a rom-com romp of pop, rock and electronica. Florence & the Machine, Bruce Springsteen, and Years & Years will be among the artists represented by the all-female group.

Described as a chronicle of the “many fancies, follies and failures” of the ladies’ love lives, “Love is Not Our Forte” bills itself as fifty minutes of good-natured song and dance. Still fresh off their 2015 Scottish A Cappella Championship win for best choreography, the Hummingbirds will perform from the 15th to the 20th of August, with students able to purchase tickets for £5 each. Tickets can be purchased in advance online

Members of the Hummingbirds include Emma Greer, Alex Tait, Ruth Moulson, Jess Morgan, Emily Merkel, Heather Jeffrey, Katherine Maule, and Caroline Sexton. The group is affiliated with the Mermaids Performing Arts Fund, which regularly sends St Andrews shows to the Fringe. 



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