Free Stuff During Freshers’ Week

A handy guide of all the free food and drink on offer throughout the week.

Above all, Freshers’ Week is a love story. These are the days to familiarise yourself with the town you now call home and to meet the people you now call flatmates. You will experience the rush of your first Dervish, the rage of your first missed Night Bus, and the regret of your first Pablo. Freshers’ is a time for beginnings and for bonding, for exploration and for excitement.

Freshers’ also has a lot of free stuff on offer. The Stand is proud to present the following cheat sheet of the most cost-effective Freshers’ events of 2016.


Photo: Fine Food & Dining Society
  • Water bottle. Stop by the Development Office between 10 and 2 to pick yours up.
  • Tote bag. Tour the library and enter a raffle for an iPad Air 2.
  • EVERYTHING. From coat-hangers to cutlery, you have permission to take whatever you can carry.
  • Dinner: SkillShare is hosting a cooking demonstration that will culminate in a free meal.
  • Exotic tea. Hosted by Tea Society.
  • Bagels. Good for Jews and / or bagel-lovers.
  • Canapés. Per tradition, Fine Food & Dining will be doling out homemade treats in front of the Union.
  • Food and drink. Saints LGBT+’s annual picnic. (I can’t guarantee that the drink will be alcoholic.)
  • BBQ. Ostensibly just for medics, but the odd interloper will probably not be noticed.
  • Pizza. Islamic Society’s first event of the year, ft. Domino’s.


  • Coffee & Cake. Maths students can meet the department over a light brunch.
  • Tea & Cake. For history students (or anyone pretending to be one).
  • BBQ. A must attend if you’ve any interest in the Geological Society – or just in a free BBQ.
  • Wine. As always, the Mermaids will offer free vino at their first social.
  • Wine & Cheese. Nothing says Geography and Sustainable Development like wine and cheese.
  • Picnic. Feminist Society will bring the food and the banter.
  • Smoothies. You’ll have to cycle for it, but the smoothie will taste all the sweeter having been earned.
  • Food. Eat for free while taking a tour of town.
  • Food and drink. The drinks will be soft, but the food and the chat will go hard at Women for Women’s introductory picnic.
  • Food and drink. Still hungry? Learn about Global Health (incl. the obesity epidemic) at your second picnic of the day.


Photo: Baking Society
  • Food and drink. Also good vibes and sweet background music.
  • BBQ. Yet another cookout.
  • Canapés.
  • Tea. Authentic Chinese refreshments provided by the Hongpao Society.
  • BBQ. You will never look at a burger the same way after Freshers’ Week.
  • Baked goods. As a yearly attendee, I would heartily recommend Baking Soc’s boozy beach day. Alcohol will flow freely and brownies will be devoured.
  • Canapés and drinks. If it’s run by the Art History department, you can expect an afternoon of classy, slightly alcoholic fun.
  • Picnic. Talk about sex and eat food.
  • Wine & Cheese. No one parties like Catholic Society.


  • Beach Food Forage. Now is your chance to eat seaweed.
  • Pizza Party. For all the brainy folks taking Econ or Finance modules, third year and up.
  • Afternoon Tea. Scones, jam and cream will all be available during the Honorary Chaplains’ meet-and-greet session.
  • Cocktails. One of the many perks of Film Studies.
  • Food and alcohol. UNICEF promises bubbly and cupcakes at their introductory session.
  •  Lunch. Break bread while learning about Jesus.
  • Food tour again.
  • Brunch. For any fans of social anthropology.


Photo: Fine Food & Dining Society
  • Pancakes and Quiche. Another SkillShare feast. Bring a container to take all you can carry back home with you.
  • BBQ. Anyone taking Econ or Finance is free to gorge themselves on hotdogs and buns, if they haven’t learned to hate BBQ by this point.
  • Free food and alcohol. Not only is the goal of the treasure hunt to find free food, but the prize is a barrel of booze.
  • BBQ. Presented without comment.
  • Cupcakes. Oxfam Soc reminds us of how sweet charity work can be.
  • Canapés. Gotta catch ’em all.
  • Coffee & Cake. Everyone is welcome to a discussion about disabilities.


  • BBQ. This one is okay because it incorporates traditional Malawian cuisine.
  • Goulash. Hungarian Society, naturally.

There you have it, your foolproof guide to gaining the Fresher Fifteen entirely free of charge. Be sure not to miss the BBQ(s).



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