Starfields 2015, ft. Klingande

Starfields 2016: FS Looks to the Future

FS lets us in on the biggest night of Freshers’ Week.

Although not a part of the Union’s official Freshers’ Week lineup, Starfields has become as anticipated a tradition as Clan Warfare or The Bubble. Able to consistently attract students from every year, the music festival marks the launch of FS 2017, the twenty-fifth iteration of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. Although many student events are considered imitations of their ‘real world’ counterparts, Starfields matches its contemporaries with the latest technology and big name acts.

A limited number of Early Bird tickets can be purchased Wednesay, 10th August at 7 pm on FIXR. In the meantime, Head of Public Relations Gabriela Flax shares some of the committee’s plans for the upcoming event.

The Stand: How will this year’s Starfields improve on past years’?

Gabriela Flax: This year the FS committee has been extremely conscious of the issues that have been present in the past and has created a brand new strategy to address these issues.

A top priority this year was improving the security and overall safety of Starfields, so we may create the safest event space possible for our guests. We have partnered with a new security company and more than doubled the number of security guards on site.

Starfields 2015

Additionally, there will be a new entry plan for the start of the event, so as to avoid the bottleneck seen in previous years. We have also planned a new bar strategy and have doubled the staff behind the bars to facilitate quicker service.

While the location has not changed this year, we do believe guests who have attended Starfields in the past will notice significant improvements.

TS: What inspired the committee to choose The Brain Tumour Charity as this year’s charitable partner?

GF: This year FS is celebrating its 25th anniversary and as such we wanted to support a unique and truly influential charity. Having considered all of our 72 applicants we unanimously agreed that The Brain Tumour Charity would be that charity. The Brain Tumour Charity is a phenomenal charity that is working to fight brain tumours on all fronts through cutting edge research, increased awareness, and support to save countless lives and improve the quality of life of those affected and their families.

FS 2015’s charitable donation

As FS looks to the next twenty-five years, we feel that there is no better future than a healthy one. Hence, we agreed that The Brain Tumour Charity was the charity which represented this idea of a better future. The charity is also a perfect fit in terms of its size: It is neither too small nor too big for our fundraising goal of £30,000 – £40,000 a year.

Furthermore, it shares our creative and innovative spirit. The Brain Tumour Charity is involved in the groundbreaking research of 3D printing brain tumours, revolutionary work that aims to defeat the tumours for good. We will be weaving elements of 3D printing into our campaign this year to give visual context to our charity.

The charity’s incredible team members are all highly qualified and passionate about their work, as they commit themselves to achieving the best possible results in the advancement of their cause. We really look forward to working with The Brain Tumour Charity this year!

TS: Is there a certain music genre or vibe that the festival will be geared towards?

GF: Starfields is the final breath of summer before the academic year sets in, so we are definitely going for that laid-back summer festival feeling. Guests can alternate between lounging with drinks around the lawn or dancing the night away under the Starfields tent.

Starfields 2014

FS Head of Music Scott Gordon describes this year’s lineup as “tropical feels to electric driven house to Soul / French House.” There will be four acts total announced over the next few days, beginning with our headliner Michael Calfan of “Treasured Soul” fame.

TS: What is the ultimate goal of the event for FS? 

GF: The ultimate goal of Starfields is to welcome the new freshers to St Andrews and introduce them to the revamped FS brand. We want freshers to think back to their first Starfields and remember the friends they made, the performers they danced to, and the warm welcome they received from returning students. Starfields also creates the perfect space for returning students to reconnect with their friends after the summer, kick off the St Andrews social calendar, and begin the school year with a clear and positive mindset.

Starfields 2014

Most importantly, Starfields is a great opportunity for us to bring awareness to our selected charity. We will be posting a lot of information about The Brain Tumour Charity in the days leading up to Starfields so that our guests can build a relationship with the charity and learn where their money is going. Starfields does contribute significantly towards our final donation in March, so we are inspired to put on the best guest experience possible!

As this is our 25th anniversary, FS is going to be more prevalent than ever in St Andrews. Our reinvigorated Young Designers Award will further increase our influence within the fashion industry, and our partnership with the St Andrews Business Improvement District will showcase our professional capability.

We hope that Starfields 2016 inspires freshers and other students to follow along with us through this very exciting milestone year.

TS: How can first years get involved in FS this coming year?

GF: Starfields is a great way to introduce the freshers to FS as an organisation and get them interested in being a part of our team in the future! While the event is definitely geared towards having fun and letting loose, freshers will have had the opportunity to speak with us at the Freshers’ Fayre on Sunday, 11th September.

The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show is excited to announce the Starfields 2016 Headlining Act, MICHAEL CALFAN! Fresh off the back of sellout performances at Ultra Miami, Creamfields, and Tomorrowland, Michael Calfan will take the FS Presents: Starfields 2016 stage and have you dancing the night away to his Top 20 deep house hits such as Treasured Soul and Nobody Does It Better. Check out the new Michael Calfan 2016 promo video below, join the event page above for updated ticket information from FIXR, and get excited for Starfields 2016!

Posted by St Andrews Charity Fashion Show on Monday, August 8, 2016

The best way to get involved with FS is through model auditions, being a dresser for the show, or applying for a position on the committee next April. We would also love to know if anyone has any ideas or collaboration proposals during the school year! We have partnered with other organisations and independent projects in the past and are open to keeping that innovative door open.

All that to say: Welcome to FS 2017.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (fs.standrews) for the most up-to-date information on FS. We look forward to seeing you all on September 10th!

All photos courtesy of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show



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