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Welcome, Heart Space Whole Foods

We go behind the scenes of the latest new shop.

Vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free eaters and overall healthy eaters: Finally, there is variety in your diet. As of Saturday 22nd October, a new store has opened on South Street. Following a full-blown renovation, the new store is stocked with fresh, local produce that is “impossible to find elsewhere in St. Andrews.” 

With a mission of “shop, look, eat,” it is impossible to be unsatisfied with the bevy of foods presented in front of you. The shop purchases its products mainly from local producers, such as their Perth-grown vegetables. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide you with information and advice on cooking and diets.

The company started off thirteen miles up the road in Dundee as Heartspace Yoga Studio. The shop became a spin-off development, now a successful business in its own right. As if 37 yoga classes a week was not enough, the company now has classes of all levels and abilities, as well as classes for those with special needs. Together with the healthy foods available in both shops, the company really is teaching people how to live life to the healthiest whilst enjoying oneself. Although the yoga classes are not currently available in St Andrews, we should not take for granted what the store itself provides for us.

“We’ll have so many foods for vegans, you’ll wish we could bury you alive in it all so you’d have to eat your way out!” 

And that they would do. Who knew that vegan meat, vegan black pudding and vegan falafel were a thing? In addition to these unique types of food, the shop provides immunity-building drinks and shelves of gluten free options. Furthermore, almost all products are suitable for vegetarians. ‘Organic Japanese umeboshi paste’ and ‘organic edamame spaghetti’ were amongst the many peculiar items filling the shelves. The owner also added that they’re “coco-crazy” at Heart Space Wholefoods.

Don’t wait too long to go and visit the store, while enjoying the 10% student discount.



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