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This Week’s Feature: Happy Birthday, Natasha Franks

The Stand’s editorial team publishes a surprise review of their editor in chief.

“How many societies is Natasha Franks a part of?” could be the double point bonus question at the end of The Vic’s weekly pub quiz. It’s a mystery, and potentially not even the legend herself knows the answer off-hand. It’s a true testament to the amount of work  and dedication she lends to all of the societies she is involved in; she is not one to do something half way, and it shows. On top of juggling thousands of tasks for The Stand, Don’t Walk, The Saint and many more, she still finds time to challenge St Andrews and (whether we like it or not) show us what we really are.

The fifth of November is her birthday. And if we only give her back half the appreciation that she gives to everything she does, we’d show her a pretty great time. 

Together, the editorial team have collaborated to create a birthday message for the one and only editor-in-chief, exploring all aspects of Natasha’s life from events to to fashion to sports.


It’s hard writing good opinion articles, especially in a university context. Say you wanted to do something about what kind of traits are desirable in the editor of a student publication, someone who (if, hypothetically speaking, they existed and by some bizarre coincidence had a birthday today), deserves to have a really good 21st.

Now, it would be easy enough to think of the right person to fill these shoes. Someone creative. Someone with the balls to stand up to vested interests, from self-indulgent event committees to unbelievably trashy online tabloids. Someone capable of putting up with section editors who sometimes don’t do proper research. That bit’s easy enough. But because this is student opinion journalism, you’d probably have to end this hypothetical person’s description with some kind of stupid pun on their name. And I get the feeling that if they did exist their name would not actually be that easy to pun with. Frankly speaking. 


Unbeknownst to most members of the St Andrews community, there is a hyper-exclusive event which takes place each Sunday on North Street. Despite a disappointing lack of alcohol and music, this is without a doubt one of the most important events in the Bubble, as it literally sets the tone for how many students will experience St Andrews in the next week. The guest list is so exclusive, only about 4 or 5 guests are ever in attendance. Welcome to The Stand’s editorial team meetings. 

Upon entering the venue last weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the eclectic decor, which really set the tone for the event. The other guests seem excited to be there, albeit a bit tired. This, however, only further emphasised the laid back atmosphere. As the festivities kicked off, revolutionary ideas being tossed around the room, I couldn’t help but feel enthused by the energy of the rest of the crowd.

It seemed as though only a half hour had passed before guests were ushered out of the venue and reluctantly returned to the banality of the rest of their Sunday afternoons.  

Additionally, we hear Natasha celebrated her 21st birthday on Friday, rather than on Saturday the 5th, due to a prior commitement at Saturday night’s White Tie Reeling Ball – because who wouldn’t want a hangover on their birthday? The sophisticated soiree took place at the Fairmont and the section editors were amongst those delighted to have been invited to celebrate with the so well-known girl. 


Only too much can be said. Natasha, who is of a very multi-cultural background, can pull off any high-fashion outfit that highlights her beautiful smile and eyes. Red, green and black are amongst the many colours that compliment her skin tone – it’s safe to say she’s found the correct combo. Not to forget the beautiful dresses she always manages to uncover, as if from Vogue itself. A fashion review is of course hard to write when you only specialize in political events, so we are just taking this opportunity to reinforce the job of fashion editor is still available to anyone interested. 


To be honest, we don’t really know what’s going on in this section. Although her sporting events and exercise regimes are unknown to the section editors, it is clear Natasha keeps in shape, because how else would she be able to pull off such a beautiful clothing style?

Without much further-a-do, the editors of The Stand would like to wish Natasha Franks an incredible 21st birthday, with a prosperous, happy and successful year ahead of her. What a time to be alive, Natasha!


Your Editorial Team xoxo



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