Controversy over Dunvegan Hotel’s election sign

A chalkboard advocating for Trump has been met with mixed reactions.

Sometimes jokes may be taken a little too far. The Dunvegan Hotel has sparked debate over social media for a number of reasons, all of which are present on one chalk board.

It’s time to “Drain the swamp” and “Lock her up” (not me! Hitlery)! Trump for pres’

The sign speaks for itself, what’s to like? Comparing Hitler to Hillary and commanding to have her locked up has called for a boycott of this evening’s election party at the hotel.

The predicted reaction would’ve been disgust and arguments back. But instead the turnout was quite unprecedented with comments such as “wow someone had a different opinion than you, time to tell every one of your friends and make a silly post about it in a public group to feel like your opinion is fact,” or “Telling people to boycott is slightly hypocritical! Why can’t we all just respect each other’s choices and let everyone make up their own minds.”

Others took a more light-hearted opinion: “freedom of choice is great” or “I’m glad I didn’t work here.”

With 1/3rd of the university students here American, it isn’t surprising that the US election is going to be the only thing people talk about for the next two days. With that in mind, there will be many jokes, some racist and other sexist because “it’s just banter right” while we’re all hiding the crippling fear that America may be heading for complete disaster.

The elections could be likened to an epidemic taking the form of memes, posts and retweets.  Whether they’re very right-wing, racist or sexist, someone will always be laughing. Tonight especially, as the election parties begin, please make sure you do not offend, cause harm or disturb anyone. Bear in mind everyone is entitled to their own opinion – but to be blunt, not everyone wants to hear it.

Freedom of speech is good and all, but let’s keep the person that ordered 11 million deaths in the 1930s and 40s out of it. 



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