Bpm Call for Creatives

Already established as one of the most exciting outlets in the St Andrews entertainment scene, Bpm Music Collective look ahead for further expansion – and encourage anyone with talent and fresh ideas to get involved.

With a Main-Bar take over with ASHA Sound System this Saturday bygone, their ‘Summer’s Over’ event at the Vic on the 11th, and an opening for Tinchy Stryder at the Union on the 13th, Bpm boast an impressive calendar of bookings for the week – let alone for the semester. Brought to the bubble two years ago to “diversify the music culture and freshen up the nightlife in town”, Bpm identified a particular niche in the St Andrean market for the growing popularity of urban music from London. Catering to tastes by providing good quality nights out with a pool of local and outsourced DJ talent, the collective has thrived ever since.

As well as being an entertainment service, Bpm look to take advantage of the abundance of creative talent in St Andrews. They continue to work with aspiring individuals and provide a platform for their artistic endeavours – the collective’s already established foundations allow for a wealth of exposure for those involved in the creative processes. In addition to musicians, DJs, and producers, Bpm explain that they encourage creatives of all sorts to bring their ideas to the table:

“The main output of our endeavors is music and events but we are all-encompassing in our realisation, and are involved with and welcome all sorts of artists, photographers and filmmakers. We want people to understand that the final process is more than just music”.

Bpm’s exposure reaches outwith the Bubble and operates within the bigger picture: having hosted events and collaborations in cities such as Leeds, Birmingham and London, there is talk of a possibility for a freshers tour on the cards for next year. By maintaining a pool of performers and creatives which they can take up and down the country, Bpm offers the talent in St Andrews to go much further than Fife – providing a vital opportunity for those aspiring to break into the creative industries to showcase their abilities to different crowds.

Bpm stress that they are willing to work with individuals at any level, allowing space for flexibility: the idea is to help aspiring talent to grow their portfolios through collaborations, not to be tied to them. They are also enthusiastic to take on all levels of skill set so long as the initial idea calls for good quality output, and speak about the prospect of offering DJ training sessions to those with potential.

With a platform in place and the resources and relationships to make concepts become realities, Bpm encourage people with ideas of any sort to get involved:

“We’ll be at the Freshers Fayre on the 16th at Mammacita, 12-5, where people who are interested can speak to the team about getting involved”.



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